What is Experience Dyslexia®?


Experience Dyslexia® is a simulation in which participants are guided through six activities that help them understand the challenges and frustrations faced by individuals with language-based learning differences. After completing the activities, the participants have an opportunity to discuss what they have learned from their experience. The workshop is led by Directors of IDA Austin and facilitated by volunteers, many of whom are experts in the field of dyslexia awareness and education, and all of whom have a specific and special connection to individuals with dyslexia. Our Directors and volunteers are available to answer questions and provide direction and resources to participants.

The six stations address the following:

  • Learn to Read simulates a beginning reading problem.
  • Listen to Me simulates an auditory figure-ground problem.
  • Write with Mirrors simulates a visual-motor and writing problem.
  • Name That Letter simulates a letter-word identification problem.
  • Write or Left simulates a copying and writing problem.
  • Unfair Hearing Test simulates an auditory discrimination problem.

Watch a video of the simulation in action and participants describing their experience here.

Would you like to bring Experience Dyslexia® to your group or school?

Fill out our Experience Dyslexia® Workshop Request Form here.

The workshop can accommodate up to 60 people. We can also tailor the simulation to meet the needs of your group size and location.

Simulation events can be booked with IDA for a fee.  Please note that some locations may incur an additional cost if the travel expenses deem it necessary.

IDA Austin will provide:

2-hour simulation workshop

Facilitators and volunteers to guide participants through the six stations

Supplies and materials

Host is responsible for:


Tables and chairs

Event publicity

Pre-registration (if needed)

sheets



Experience Dyslexia® originates from the IDA Northern California website and is copyrighted with permission here.