About Us

IDA Austin is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to promoting reading excellence for all children through early identification of dyslexia, effective literacy education for adults and children with dyslexia, and teacher training.

IDA Austin sponsors:

  • Austin Area 24 hour Helpline   (512) 452-7658
  • Conferences and teacher training
  • Parent – child advocacy and support
  • A semi-annual newsletter – “The Dyslexic Advocate”
  • Speakers and materials to organizations and school districts
  • Legislation of state guidelines impacting dyslexia

Contact Us for:

  • Membership application blanks and basic information packet
  • Teacher training information
  • Referral lists for:
    • State and local evaluation (testing) services
    • State and local remediation (special language training for children and adults) sources